Tom Brady Has A New Hairstyle…
It's..... Interesting. Yeah, interesting, let's go with that! Tom Brady's New Hair Is ... Not Great - Yahoo News Yahoo News Tom Brady's New Hair Is ... Not GreatYahoo NewsPat… — Buzz Beauty (@BuzzzBeauty) April 30, 2016 For those of you that can't see the pic, here it is again in all it's glory...
25th Annual Bridal Show
Hundreds of Southcoast bride-to-be's and their bridal parties came through the doors of our 25th Annual Bridal Show this past Sunday looking for everything from lighting options to cocktail recipes for their big day.
H&M Under Fire for Controversial Fashion Scarf
It's just a simple beige scarf with understated dark lines and fringe that goes for $17.99 at H&M. However, for someone of the Jewish faith this closely resembles a tallit. According to, "The tallit is the robe with which the worshipper is wrapped during prayer and hence often referred to as a “prayer shawl." I...
Pimp My Pumpkin
You've heard of MTV's 'Pimp My Ride', where junky old cars get a makeover... Well Fun 107 is mixing it up with the game changer 'Pimp My Pumpkin'!

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