Basketball Fan Meets Jay-Z And Wins $20,000 [VIDEO]
An Oklahoma City Thunder fan who was picked out of the stands, hits a half court shot, wins $20,000 dollars, and shakes hands with Jay-Z.
This is the second time in a week that a fan at this arena has won the cash!
Check out the winning shot and the hand shake with Jay-Z below...
Not Smart
A Buffalo Bills fan is recovering from a shoulder injury after falling from the 300 level of Ralph Wilson Stadium yesterday as the Bills were playing the Jets. The man was apparently trying to perform a trick, when he fell to the level below, landing on another man...
Watch Victorino's Slam [VIDEO]
We have all watched the replay a ton of times. Shane Victorino's grand slam in Game 6 of the ALCS was one of the most exciting moments in the history of Fenway Park.
If you weren't at Fenway, here is a video taken from a fan in the stands when Victorino came up to bat...
Jets Fan Punches Woman [VIDEO]
It wasn't a good day for the Patriots at the Meadowlands Arena on Sunday, as they went down in OT 30-27 on a penalty called as a 47 yard field goal was being attempted by the Jets.
What went down after the game was even uglier as fans began to leave the stadium...
Carrie Underwood Brings Adorable Girl Onstage [VIDEOS]
Carrie Underwood released the music video for her hit single 'See You Again' back in June, which featured an adorable little girl named Brooklyn running into her father's arms after he returned from military service -- and she gave the little girl an encore onstage performance on Frid…
Beyonce Gets Yanked Off Stage By Fan [VIDEO]
It seems like Beyoncé always has some sort of issue come up and al of her concerts.
She was in Brazil on Friday and a fan who was a little bit too excited pulled her off stage when she went to say hello.
Security quickly got involved and Beyoncé didn't miss a beat and even went up t…
Chaos Ensues!
What a night for the Red Sox! They go nuts with the bats and beat the Tigers 20-4, and some great plays were made.

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