Massive Gas Leak in Fall River
Fall River police and fire units have responded to what is being described as a "massive gas leak" at the site of the former New Harbour Mall.
The Herald News is reporting that a 4-inch gas line was ruptured during construction at the site...
New Bedford RMV Closed for the Day after Smell of Smoke
The New Bedford branch of the Registry of Motor Vehicles is closed for the day.
The building on Union Street was evacuated before 11am this morning due to a strong smell of smoke, but employees and patrons were soon allowed back in after the Fire Department had cleared the building...
No Fire Drills At FUN 107 [VIDEO]
Do any businesses have fire drills like we used to have in school? You're doing your work, you hear an alarm, and you walk outside in a single file to an appropriate area where attendance is taken. Safety is key, and I'm wondering if certain places need this so co-workers can be safe if a …

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