Shower Vs. Sprinkle
Growing up, I'd always learned that proper etiquette when it comes to showering pregnant women or couples was only to be done for the first born. As second in birth order, my mother had not received a shower.
Wedding Etiquette Questions Answered
Wedding Etiquette, always a major stressor!  Here are some answers to questions that always seem to come up in the planning process!
Who Should Be The First To Know About My Engagement?
Avoid broadcasting the news (pics included) to social networks before sharing your engagement with family and f…
Gym Etiquette
For certain fitness buffs, the gym may seem like a second home.  You spend so much time getting your fitness on, that you become super-comfortable. Although being a regular may come with certain privileges, don't forget your etiquette. I've certainly spent my fair share of days in fit…