New Bedford Delivery Driver Fooled by Fake Cash
NEW BEDFORD - New Bedford Police are once again reminding the public to take a closer look at their cash during a transaction after a delivery driver was duped by a counterfeit $100 bill.
A delivery driver for Sun Kitchen on Belleville Avenue delivered a $30...
More Counterfeit Bills Found, New Bedford Man Charged Again
NEW BEDFORD - A New Bedford Man is charged for using counterfeit money at a bar only a day after he was arrested on the same charge.
New Bedford Police say 22-year-old James Richard Rossi was charged Wednesday after he used four fake $50 bills at the Whiskey Lounge on Acushnet Avenue on Monday a…
New Bedford Man Arrested for Passing Phony $50 Bills
NEW BEDFORD — A 22-year-old man was arrested Tuesday for passing three counterfeit $50 bills at a café, as well as possessing a knife.
James Richard Rossi, 22, of 82 Phillips Ave., Apt. 2W, New Bedford, was charged with passing a counterfeit note and carrying a weapon
Customer Uses Fake $50 at New Bedford McDonald's
NEW BEDFORD--A customer at the drive-through window at McDonald’s restaurant on Kings Highway used $50 counterfeit bills marked “Motion Picture Use Only’’ for two separate transactions Saturday.
The suspect attempted to use another counterfeit bil…