GNBVT Wins State Championship!
New Bedford - MA
After a season practically all over the place, New Bedford Voc wins the highest prize in all of high school, the state championship! The memories will last a lifetime!
After falling behind 2-0 early, GNBVT came back to beat Danvers 6-2, and excluding the vocational tournament (which d…
2015 Patriots Championship Ring Visits The Morning Show
It's good to know the right person or have the hook-up when it comes to certain things in life. I just so happen to know someone who works as a videographer for the New England Patriots football team. When the Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks earlier this year, he was given a personalized…
New York City Store Selling AFC Champion Shirts
I can't see how this is a mistake! There is a store in New York City selling THIS shirt a day before the game is even played.
Are they doing that on purpose? ESPN’s Darren Rovell tweeted out a picture of a shirt that could hopefully  be considered a look into the future…