Truck Uses Jet Engine To Melt Snow Off Train
Has a manlier headline ever existed? I think not.
In Canada, there are pretty much entire industries based on snow removal. Roadways, runways, and even railways need to be kept as clear as possible for commerce and transportation to resume...
Burger King Canada's Tim Hortons Deal Sparks Boycott
Burger King's deal to abandon its home and bring the company over to Canada has ignited cries to boycott the beloved fast-food chain. Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, is pioneering the movement.
Since BK's announcement to move its headquarters to Canada and merge with the Canadian coffee and …
Robot Hitchhiking Across Canada [PHOTOS]
If you saw a robot on the side of the road, would you pick it up and give it a ride? That is the question a couple of professors from Universities in Canada wanted to find out when they created hitchBOT.

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