80 People Sickened
BOSTON (AP) _ Boston health officials say initial tests on people who became sick after eating at a Chipotle have shown the presence of norovirus.
Boston College said Tuesday the number of students reporting gastrointestinal symptoms after eating at a Chipotle has climbed to 80, up from 30 the previo…
Would You Buy A Burrito From A Vending Machine? [VIDEO]
At first thought, a burrito from a vending machine sounds like a pretty bad idea. However, after learning a little more about it, it doesn't sound so bad after all!
If you're thinking it's a frozen breakfast burrito with tons of calories, fat, and preservatives, think again...
Food Fight
Not just a great thing to have for lunch..it's now officially defined as a weapon. A Florida man took his aggression to a level not really seen too often. Assault with a Burrito is the charge.