It’s Ok If You Have A Selfie Stick
Yes, that's right. It's ok to have a selfie stick. It's also ok for you to use said selfie stick. Do you want to know why? Because, it's ok to do whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, as long as you aren't hurting anyone.
Taylor Swift's Message
Taylor Swift has always been one to go above and beyond for her fans. She's managed to impress me once again with what she has done for one particular fan.
Why Do Kids Bully?
Whether you see it or not, bullying happens every day. And even though campaigns like I Choose and It Gets Better are bringing awareness to the issue, are things getting better?
Bullying Experiment Shows Most Will Not Intervene [VIDEO]
Bullying is certainly a major problem both locally and nationwide.It seems like there hasn't been any solution that has been thought up that is taking a dent out of the issue. There is a group that did an experiment to see who would try to stop bullying in progress, so they setup a hidden camera and staged an incident, What they found out was downright discouraging...
Band of Brothers
Some young boys from Bridgewater show they are truly wise beyond their years when they rally around a boy who was being teased. First grader Danny Keith is the Bridgewater water boy for the fifth grader’s football team. He has a speech impediment and doesn’t dress particularly cool, and has subsequently become a victim to bullying...
Student Attempts To Sue Bullies and Their Parents
According to CBS New York, a student who had been bullied for years is attempting to sue the bullies and their parents. Caitlin Rocco who is 16 years old, said she was bullied to the point of suicide twice and that she was tormented every day for years according to CBS New York...

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