Farmcoast Weddings
We are very lucky to live in an area where both rustic chic and coastal themes work in perfect harmony. Thanks to a few venues in Westport, Tiverton, and Little Compton, planning a 'Farmcoast' wedding is an ocean breeze.
When thinking of 'Farmcoast,' think of coastal vineyard…
How to Wear a Claddagh Ring
My twin sister and I got Claddagh Rings from our grandmother for Christmas. The heart represents love, the hands symbolize friendship, and the crown signifies loyalty.
Kayla immediately put hers on her right hand with the heart facing out, so I followed suit...
Hiring Your Bridesmaid...Wait What?
If anybody has been looking at the ads for the upcoming Kevin Hart flick The Wedding Ringer, in which Hart plays the owner of a best man-for-hire business, and have been thinking that sounds ridiculous what I'm about to share with you may blow your mind.
Will You Marry Me? [VIDEO]
On the FUN Morning Show this morning, we had a marriage proposal. Chris Jones contacted the FUN Morning Show last week and asked us if he could propose to his girlfriend live on the air.

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