black friday

In-Store or Online Shopping: Can They Co-Exist?
Which type of shopper are you?
Both have so many benefits, while shopping online you literally don't even need to move and could buy anything and most of the time things that you can't even buy in store seeing that an online catalog is essentially infinite...
Black Friday vs Cyber Monday!
Waiting in line the old fashioned way (which is by no means a bad thing) or shopping online from your favorite phone, tablet, or computer?
I know some people HATE shopping online for a lot of reasons, the most common probably before you can't try before you buy...
Tonka Truck Recall
The ever famous Tonka Trunk may have started a fire in Washington State this past week. Christmas is right around the corner prompting many parents of adventurous and imaginative kids to by this great toy for their little ones.
Roxanne Harden tells NBC 10, she and her husband scored a 12-volt Tonka M…

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