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Four Downs with DJK: Patriots at Bills
This week in football brought the most exciting game I could imagine to Monday Night Football. For the first time in ten years, MNF came to Buffalo... Not the easiest game to stay up until 11:30 P.M. for, but usually with division rival teams, throw the records out the window seeing the teams know each other so well and play so often...
Four Downs with DJK: Patriots at Bears
Week 7 for the Patriots brought them to Soldier Field in the windy city of Chicago, IL to face an opponent (excluding primetime games) they only face once every four years, and seeing they last played in Foxborough, it's been eight years since the Pats have come to town...
Bill Belichick is as Obsessed with Dogs as the Rest of Us
We touched on this initially when Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick first got his new puppy (Meet Coach Belichick's New Puppy), but now we are actually so pleased to see CNBC actually did a sit-down interview with Bill Belichick, his girlfriend Linda Holliday, and Nike (his Alaskan Klee Kai), and the whole interview really had almost nothing to do with football and was all about mans best friend,

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