Fear The Beard
The Boston Red Sox will play game 6 of the ALCS at home on Saturday night and an expert photoshopper has changed the outfield logo in centerfield.
It had been a Boston Strong logo for the ALDS and the first two games of the ALCS. We can only hope that the grouds crew sees this photo and is inspired e…
'Pink Hat' Fans
I knew it was coming. I said it a month ago. No one wanted to pay attention to the Red Sox. The "Pink Hats" were in the drawer. Part of the reason was the collapse in 2011 and the last place finish in 2012.
Red Sox Advance To ALCS
After winning Games 1 and 2 easily, and losing Game 3 in the ALDS, the Red Sox battled back and forth in Game 4 to beat the Tampa Bay Rays 3 - 1 to advance to the American League Championship Series.