Actress To Play Frozen’s Elsa on TV Announced
Yesterday the news on who would be playing your Frozen favorites when the characters come to Storybrook on Once Upon A Time next season started to hit the internet with one main character obviously missing. But that's no longer the case!
Frozen’s Anna And Kristoff Join Once Upon A Time
When we last were in Storybrook, Elsa had emerged and we all learned that the folks from Frozen would be joining the cast of Once Upon A Time this year. And though I have no clue what that story line will actually include, I do know who's coming to the cast!
Top 25 Athletes Turned Actors
When I sit down to watch a television show or a movie I never really thought about where the actors came from, if an actor is really good, they become the character they are portraying.
Photoshop has been causing controversy for a long time. It's a great tool, but sometimes things get a little weird with it.
Unsexy Men
These days there are a lot of unattractive actors getting roles in movies that are fooling us women to believe they are 'attractive' but I'm here to break the bad news to most of you women drooling over these guys in my Top 10 Unattractive Male Actors list.
The Men My Wife Notices Are Nothing Like Me
The light switch finally went on last night.   While watching something on TV and talking on the phone to her sister, who was apparently watching the same thing, my wife commented at how sexy the actor was.