What Else Should Netflix Resurrect?
Got the chance to watch the new Netflix original movie Pee-wee's Big Holiday today, and I have to say, it was actually pretty good! Pee-wee's Big Adventure is and will always be one of the greatest "road movies" of all time--it's right up there with Midnight Run and one of my personal favorites, Dutch--and while this new film isn't quite up to the level of Pee-wee's first full-length adv
Jem Has It’s Own Convention
As a child of the 80s I loved watching Jem and the Holograms. It was right up there with She-Ra as my favorite cartoon and when I learned of a movie remake a few months ago I was very excited. And now I have more reason to be psyched about Jem!
“Gremlins” Remake Close To Becoming Reality
Its been a week of announcements of 80s movies being brought back to the big screen! First, news about the "Goonies", then  "Ghostbusters"! Now, Steven Spielberg is being rumored to be heavily involved in the movie as he was in the original...
Summer Movies
Being a child of the 80's, I always get flack from my wife for watching the same movies over and over, but I can't help it. I think they are classics!

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