2013 Year In Review [VIDEO]
2013 was a year filled with many events both tragic and happy.
Locally, the Boston Marathon bombing was certainly the most tragic and that is what starts this video which is a montage of all the major events nationwide in 2013. This video represents what brought us all together as a nation in 2013
The 10 Best Viral Videos of 2013 [VIDEO]
2013 will go down as the year the viral video industrial machine went on steroids. More than ever, humans jumped on the YouTube beat, and with so much competition, the viral video world became a true meritocracy. We celebrate the 10 best viral videos of the year...
Thanksgiving Rivals Faceoff
Football and Turkey go hand and hand in Massachusetts on Thanksgiving Day. If the Pilgrims and Native Americans didn't have a football game at the first Thanksgiving...they SHOULD have. Here is the rundown of all the Southcoast High School football games for Thanksgiving.

2013 World Series Montage
For their 8th World Series championship, I took some of the highlights from the St. Louis Cardinals and Red Sox series and mixed it with the Boston Red Sox theme, Dirty Water.
Cell Phone Time Capsule Of Pictures
7 years ago, I was with one cell phone carrier, and then I got involved with my wife. Like any couple, you want to watch where your spending goes, so we got into a family plan and switched carriers. 7 years later I'm back with the original carrier and decided to see if my original cell phone …
New from Apple
Today is the day! For all you Apple lovers, we are expecting an new iPhone, as well as other iOS updates and other products to surprise us as well.
Super Modern Mario Bros 2013 [VIDEO]
I wish Super Mario Bros. looked like this today. I'm a pretty big video game nerd. I was a Nintendo NES guy back in the day, so taking a popular game like this one from the 80's and adding modern video game effects including 3D will only make it that much better.
Barnstable County Fair
Talk about a fun place to be while it's going on! It's a local tradition like no other! It's the Barnstable County Fair and it's about 11 days away!

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