The Sharon's Walk team will be at Shaw's Supermarket in Fairhaven this Thursday afternoon from 2 pm til 6 pm.  if  you haven't been able to go online and register, this is your chance.   There are even some perks involved.  


There will be prize giveaways, including King Richard's Faire tickets, and some other goodies as well.   Sharon's Walk happens on Sunday, September 30th at the beautiful Fort Taber in New Bedford.   There will also be lots of food and great activities for the entire family too.

We would like to thank some of this year's Sharon's Walk sponsors.  They include Black Bass Grill, Coastal Financial Services, Diamond Marine, DESCO Company, and Poyant Signs.   Your help and support is very much appreciated.   Have a great week, and be sure to join us at Shaw's in Fairhaven this Thursday afternoon.

More info on Sharon's Walk can be found here.