Traffic and Cape Cod, they are very much connected to each other especially between April and October. The last major construction project that tried to help ease traffic at the Sagamore Bridge, one of two linking Cape Cod to mainland Massachusetts, was the so-called Sagamore flyover project, and it really didn't do much, 60 million dollars later. The Cape Cod Times reports that a new plan, which comes with a hefty price tag of $320 million, calls for building a new bridge next to the Sagamore Bridge.


The plan calls for a new electronic toll bridge would handle on-coming traffic onto the Cape without stopping, while the existing Sagamore Bridge would become be 4 lanes of off cape traffic. The slightly younger Bourne Bridge would continue to carry cars and trucks onto and off of Cape Cod. What do you think should be done to handle traffic around the bridges?

I'm in favor of tunnels or a 9 lane super bridge in the middle of the canal. What do you think should be done? I can tell you that many local Cape year round residents will not be happy about paying a toll to go home, including myself.