Despite the amount of technology available to kids these days, it seems like more and more hours are being spent on homework. So should local schools adopt a "no homework" policy?

Although I don't have kids of my own, I have seen my nephews and niece come home with backpacks full of books. Watched them struggle to sit and concentrate on all the paperwork in front of them and get frustrated when it feels like the homework will never end. Is this really fair to ask of our kids?

An article on GoLocalProv points out that as adults we aren't taking home two or three hours of office work a night, so why are we expecting kids to bring home hours of school work? And when asked the question "Should Schools Ban Homework" 85% of respondents to their poll said yes.

So should homework in fact be a thing of the past?

Several school overseas are giving it a try. French president Francoise Hollande proposed eliminating homework for all primary and middle schoolers in France back in 2012 and the same year a German high school began a two-year ban on homework for its students. And just this fall an elementary school in Quebec, Canada made the news when they eliminated all homework other than reading assignments and studying for students in grades 1-6.

So as a parent do you think kids are getting too much homework? Would you like to see schools move towards eliminating it?