On November 13th a new app called "Shots By Me" was released for iOS users and basically its for all things selfies related and Justin Bieber along with Floyd Mayweather have invested in for one main reason.

Selfies is a name used for a specific type of picture taken. Instagram seemed to have made selfies extremely popular but now there is an app called "Shots By Me" geared specifically towards the use of selfies. Shots By Me only allows you to use the face front camera shot so people can take selfies, share selfies, and like selfies. It also uses the similar idea of Snap Chat by only allowing you to take pictures within the app, but one thing Shots By Me has done away with,which is the main reason why Justin Bieber backed up the app, it only allows you to "like" a photo so no more "public commenting".

Shots By Me says their reason for this was to prevent any mean comments aka social media bullying and I must say because of this reason I will be downloading Shot By Me. It is very refreshing to hear of a media business trying to take a stand against social media bullying.