This is an actual letter sent home with my nephew this week in preparation for what USED to be called "Valentine's Day". The school has renamed the holiday "Friendship Day" due to an a complaint by a parent.

Listen to Fun Morning Show Talk About "Friendship Day".

I can't even believe that I'm about to defend Valentine's Day. It ranks #2 only behind New Year's Eve as one of my least favorite holidays. I know it is a manufactured Hallmark holiday, but its sentiment, based on love, can't be all that bad.

I guess it just bothers me that because of a vocal minority, the kids in this particular school will be denied yet ANOTHER sense of normalcy that we experienced as children. I'll admit it, it was exciting to see if the "pretty girl" gave you a Valentine...and what she wrote on it (even if she handed one out to EVERYONE in the class). It was good old fashioned fun.

Parents, if the worst thing your child may face in life is not getting a Valentine's day card...they will be just fine. Instead of derpriving all of the children of the experience, perhaps instead make an effort to be sure your child is included in the experience.

We continue to water down any experiences our children have while in school (good and bad). Everyone is a winner. Everyone is the same. If our kids are denied of any sort of real life experiences and disappointments, how can we be shocked when they get out into the real world and are vastly unprepared to cope?

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