Everyone has a favorite baseball player. When those players "sell out" and leave the team you love so much for money, don't be surprised if the fans boo them everytime they step up to the plate.

It usually happens when a team wins a World Series, and the player uses the opportunity to get their pay day. For example, Johnny Damon, who was on the 2004 Red Sox World Series Championship Team left for the Yankees. Jacoby Ellsbury did the same this year leaving for the Yankees. If only you could have a face to face moment so you can boo them to show your disgust.

It happened recently to Robinson Cano, former 2nd baseman of the New York Yankees. The Tonight Show thought it would be funny to have fans boo a cardboard cutout, only for Robinson Cano himself, walk out of it surprising the fans who just booed him seconds before.

The reaction is pretty funny.