Rumors that Rihanna and Drake are hooking up again have run rampant all week. Now, a stripper, er, adult entertainer in Houston claims that RiRi and Drizzy dropped big bucks together at her establishment on Nov. 13.

Multiple reports indicate that the former (and possibly reunited) duo, who teamed up her 'What's My Name?' and his 'Take Care,' stopped by V Live and were generous with their dollar bills, dropping $100,000. It's also suggested that the twosome even left with one of the lovely ladies in tow.

We'd like to point out that this is the same strip club that Justin Bieber visited a few weeks ago.

The sleuths at Hollywood Life spoke to Jhonni Blaze, who refers to herself as the Queen of Houston, which we think Beyonce might take issue with, since she is from H-Town and is the Queen, so by default, she is the true Queen of Houston.

Jhonni did confirm that she danced for the duo and that they were there. She said, "Last night was the best night of my life dancing for Drake and Rihanna. Strip club and dollar bills."

She also tweeted the following, indicating that she only entertained RiRi and Drizzy in da club and did not go home with them.

As for the "DRihanna" having a rendezvous, and possibly with another exotic dancer? Well, not too much is known about that.

Earlier this week, it was said that RiRi and Drizzy went back to her hotel room after her Nov. 9 Dallas show. About the possible reunion, an insider said, “My girl gets hers and let’s just say it’s easier for a [girl] to go to familiar territory than it is for her to get out there and [be with someone] new."

Translation: RiRi hooked up with Drake again because it's easier than meeting someone new. They've hooked up before and they know each other.

The source thinks that they can make it work this time around, saying, "You’ve got to remember, Rihanna has done a lot of growing and Drake’s a real [guy] so there’s not really any expectations that come with what they did. They’re both adults and can compartmentalize things."

Plus, there's no Chris Brown to muck things up, since he and RiRi are O-V-E-R.