You can truly find anything on the internet. If you can think of it, you’ll find it online. Have you been toying with the idea of getting a free, used hot tub? Me neither, but there’s one waiting for you in Plymouth if you're feeling adventurous.

Posted just three days ago to Craigslist, the description reads, “Free Hot Tub, may work or not, unknown. Six person outdoor hot tub. Moving, it’s yours.”

I have so many questions.

How do you not know if it works or not? What were the events that led the owners to empty out the hot tub and let it rot in the backyard? Or was it ever filled? Was it a weird impulse buy that just sits there day after day, reminding the owner of his compulsive purchase?

From the looks of the photos, it looks like this hot tub has gone a while without maintenance. The nozzles are filled with grime and the surface has dirt caked to it. But thinking positively, what if you just give it a good scrubbing? You have a “like new” hot tub on your hands.

Truthfully, I have always wanted a hot tub, but I don’t know if I can get by the fact that it’s used. I feel like a hot tub is one of those things you should be spending the money to buy new. You wouldn’t purchase a used toothbrush, would you? I have a feeling a used toothbrush and this used hot tub may have the same number of bacteria, but at least the bacteria on a toothbrush are yours.

If you are willing to give this hot tub a deep, deep clean and risk the chance of it not working altogether, take home this hot tub for the low price of zero dollars, and please send me before and after photos to satisfy my curiosity.

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