If I had a family, I'm sure I'd be driving an SUV, and it would probably be one of the bigger models.  However at the moment my mode of transportation is a passenger car.

Parking 2

If the same is true for you, have you ever come out of the grocery store, or Walmart, or the mall and found big SUV's parked in the spaces next to your car?  Even with a backup camera and sensors, it's not easy to back out of your space.  I recently almost backed into a woman and her young child as they were walking past my spot.  Luckily the censors beeped and I stopped just in time.

So here's the suggestion.  Designate separate areas in the parking lots for the bigger vehicles like SUV's and pickup trucks.  They'd be in one section and cars in another.  When you're sitting up high in one of those things you can easily see through the windows of the one parked next to you, or over the bed of that super duty pickup.  All that's needed are a few signs and longer parking spaces in those areas.

I think the first store or plaza to do this will win the admiration and loyalty of shoppers.


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