It goes without saying that Homelessness in New Bedford is an ever-growing struggle. Plans to open a new 'Drop-In' Center is just what the city needs to shed light on the situation. 

On Monday, February 1st, the 'Drop-In' Center will open their doors for the very first time at 48 Union St.

The Homeless of New Bedford can then use the storefront to help find services, get free clothing, get a cup of coffee, get out of the weather, watch a movie, play cards during the day.

Peter Costa, Director of New Bedford Homeless Advocates, says that the building is still in moving process but will open up on Monday no matter what to help out the local community of the Downtown district.

Peter teams up along side with Mercy Meals, PAACA, PACE, HSPN, Catholic Social Services, Halfway Houses of New Bedford, and The Women Center to provide clothes and blankets to those in need. All together the New Bedford Homeless Advocates is compiled of 1,880 Advocates all together!

Peter explains the main purpose behind the 'Drop-In' Center- "Basically, a homeless person can come in to get out of the weather regardless if it's from the heat, cold, rain or blizzard to get hot cup of coffee. They can watch movies, play games, receive clothing and coats that were donated."

He tells Fun 107 that it's more than just a Welcome Center, it's also provides services. "People can come in and obtain service on how to apply for a job or even health insurance. We hold AA meetings for both spanish and english and even have bible studies. Another benefit is that they can come in and read a book from small library and transportation is offered for pick up and drop off."

Suits are provided to those who wish to seek a job interview to better themselves.

In his spare time, Peter walks the streets of Downtown, New Bedford and speaks with the Homeless asking for their needs then posts those needs on the Shelter's Facebook page: New Bedford Homeless Advocates.

All donations and clothing drop offs can be brought to the new 'Drop In' Center, located at 48 Union Street.


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