Willie Waffle gave "The Lego Movie" four out of four waffles, saying that adults will enjoy the movie every bit as much as their kids. After watching "The Lego Movie" last night, I'd have to disagree.I found the movie to be brutally boring. I'm normally a fan of Will Ferrell's, but the movie didn't lend itself to his strengths...namely the absence of Ferrell's physical comedy (because the vast majority of the movie is animated). Half way through "The Lego Movie", I found myself wishing it were over.

On the other hand, both my son and daughter thoroughly enjoyed watching Lego's save their world from Krazy Glue. They couldn't get enough of Emmitt, the unlikely hero...and were discussing their favorite parts of the movie on the ride home. "The Lego Movie" was number one at the box office for the second weekend in a row.

If you have kids...suck it up and bring them to "The Lego Movie". If you don't...spare yourself. It's just not that good if you're over 10 years old.