So...You think private citizens with a gun is a bad idea. Here is a story that may change your mind. Here's a whopper for you! 

A father eating with his family at Burger King was able to defeat an armed robber by pulling his own weapon and shooting at him, according to Miami Police and the Washington Times.


Here's how it all went down, a guy walks into a Burger King, and flashes his gun at one of the families dining there, then demanded they fork over money and valuables. The robber was exiting when the father, who feared for his and his family’s life, took out his own gun and shot the suspect in the leg.

The suspect fled in his Ford F-150. Police later found him — 36-year-old Travis Harris — and the driver of the truck, 38-year-old Ramon Smalls, at a gas station down the road. That's fast justice with a side of fries.