If you haven't felt any different from taking herbal supplements, it might be because you're being lied to.According to the New York Times, the New York attorney's office has accused four major retailers of selling fraudulent supplements. Some of these phony products could even be dangerous.

Authorities conducted DNA tests of the ingredients and found that four out of five products didn't have the labeled contents.

Instead, they found that many of the supplements advertised as 'medicinal herbs' were filled with cheap junk like powdered rice, asparagus, and houseplants.  So if you were allergic to those things, you wouldn't even know you were eating them.

If you're thinking the retailers caught selling the fake supplements must focus on their health side of business, think again.

Target, Walgreens and Walmart all have pharmacies on site, and the fourth company, GNC, made it's name off health supplements.

The Attorney General sent out letters to the companies on Monday, demanding they stop selling the products. He also required that the companies send him their procedures for verifying ingredients in supplements.

Walgreens took the products off its shelves nationwide, despite only being required to remove them for New York State.

Walmart said they would talk with their suppliers to get to the bottom of the controversy themselves.

Target had no comment for the New York Times, and GNC said they would stand by their products.

If you love making your life better through herbal supplements, my suggestion would be to buy strictly from trustworthy stores that specialize in organic and holistic products. You might pay a little extra, but you're guaranteed to be getting the good stuff!