Local guy Matt Price from East Providence will appear on Jeopardy! tonight.

Matt and I went to high school together in East Providence, so when I heard he was going to be Jeopardy! I was so excited and wanted to talk to him about it.

He came in and talked about his experience on the FUN Morning Show today. The process is tough! It starts out with an online 50 question test, and Matt was up against thousands of other potential contestants. He got the call that they were interested in him for the show, and had to do another 50 question test, and then a mock show.

He beat out thousands and will be on the show tonight. He contractually couldn't tell us details like who wins, but that's okay. We'll all be watching him tonight on WPRI 12 at 7:30 p.m!

We wanted to test Matt's knowledge, so we all took an online quiz I found with fifth grade science questions. You can hear how he did below:

Best of luck tonight Matt Price! We'll all be watching, and GO TOWNIES!

UPDATE - 9/19:  OMG!  Matt won tonight!  That's means he'll be back on Monday at 7:30pm.  Tune in to WPRI Channel 12.

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