ACUSHNET - Officials have nailed down the cause of a deadly carbon monoxide poisoning that killed two people in Acushnet this week.

41-year-old Joseph Lopes and his nine-year-old son Colin were found dead in their Buttonwood Lane home Wednesday morning.

Fire Chief Kevin Gallagher says the dangerous fumes originated from a leaky gas furnace. At a Thursday press conference, Chief Gallagher says there were no carbon monoxide detectors in the home. "By all indications the occupants of that house had no indication that the co levels were steadily increasing and resulted in their death," said Chief Gallagher.

Detectors are typically set off when carbon monoxide levels reach 30 parts per million(PPM). Chief Gallagher says firefighters detected levels in the home to be nearly 3,000 PPM. There were also no smoke detectors in the home.

Chief Gallagher says he will be speaking with Colin's classmates at Acushnet Elementary School next week to educate them how an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas can be so deadly.

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