Before Robert Kardashian passed away he remarried to a women name Ellen who is now hitting the entire Kardashian family and Ryan Seacrest productions with a lawsuit for defamation of character.

This story seems all bit too contradicting to me but TMZ reports that Ellen is suing because the "Keeping Up With The Kardashian's" producers attempted to ensnare her into a plot line in the show that involves an investigator seeking damaging information of the Kardashian's.

Ellen says the Kardashian's have already used the show to bash her name by making up lies such as Ellen only marrying Robert for his money but wait this is why this sounds contradicting to me. If Ellen is looking to clear her name from the lies made against her and if this isn't about money then why not just come out about it in social media why does she feel the need to throw a lawsuit, obviously if she wins she will most likely make bank.

The Kardashian name is huge so why all this nastiness Ellen? If you go around saying that Kris Jenner is a devious manipulative mother and ex-wife who exploits her children, isn't that kind of defamation of Kris's character?