I love eating hamburgers early in the morning. When I saw the latest commercial from Burger King about the new french fry burger, we just had to give them a call.

Like the little girl in the commercial, I came up with this way before Burger King, have been putting french fries on my hamburgers for at least 30 years. I came up with it first kid, sorry.

Now, for the review.

Michael Rock says, "the marriage between the French fries and the flame-broiled burger brought happiness to my mouth."

J.R. also commented by saying, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."

Larry still hasn't commented because he's still eating one.

Here's the call we made to Burger King in Fairhaven.

Not really groundbreaking, it looks like a Whopper Jr. with additional French fries, but it's always delicious having that early in the morning! Try one today!