DJ Khaled recently hit a bump in the road while working on his golf game, literally, but still turned the situation into an opportunity to give one of his famous motivational quips.

On Tuesday (Jan. 3), DJ Khaled decided to have someone record him playing golf at the The Ocean Club, Paradise Island, in the Bahamas. In one video, Khaled reaches the hole in four strokes, revealing a breathtaking view. After Khaled makes his successful putt, he also shares a blooper from the day.

In a humbling moment, the next scene shows DJ Khaled has jumped the curb in his golf cart and is stuck in the sand. He blares the horn as a resort employee attempts to push him free. Khaled shoots backward and hops the adjacent curb as well. He is able to get free on his own. The God Did artist then rolls up on the camera with some words of wisdom.

"Life. Roadblocks. Don't let nothing stop you," DJ Khaled says while the person filming laughs uncontrollably. "Don't let nothing stop you. ’Cause we ain't stopping. We gon' keep going."

The happy-go-lucky executive has faced a few instances of backlash recently. In November of 2022, he faced backlash for calling out rappers who use digital audio workstations like FL Studio and Logic in an interview from 2015. Last month, reggae artist Sizzla burned the plaques he received for working on DJ Khaled's recent albums.

See the Hilarious Clip of DJ Khaled Jumping the Curb in a Golf Cart and Reacting With a Motivational Speech Below

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