Is having body odor a reason to kick someone out? According to one person on Reddit, it sure is.

In their post, the person begins by revealing their brother moved in with them and their husband and stayed for 8 months. However, it was rough from the beginning.

"Firstly he brought his two big horrible and AGGRESSIVE dogs. They attacked my dogs several times. We tried to keep them apart but unfortunately his dogs got loose and attacked my poor dog. He was a horrible house guest, never cleans up after himself, doesn’t help around the house, pays rent late. My husband texted him to basically just try to have a man to man about my brother stepping up and just being more mature. My brother ended up blowing up at my husband so I kicked him out," the pose said.

However, the user felt bad about how things went down with their brother, so they reached out and found out that their brother only had a short amount of time before they had no place to go again. That's when the user offered for the brother to move back in with them.

"I told him he needs to pay rent of $150 a month. Just to keep him responsible and to help alittle with his share of bills and groceries. He was sleeping on our couch but he has BAD B.O so I asked if he wanted to go half’s on a bunk bed to share a room with my son. (I did make sure my son was ok with this). I didn’t want my couch stunk up and wanted my privacy without some guy sleeping on my couch when I wanted to chill in the living room," the post continued.

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The brother allegedly hadn't changed much and was not helping around the house. But, it was the body odor that was the last straw for the Reddit user.

"The last straw has been his body odor. It is absolutely DISGUSTING and STRONG. I stay at home since I’m in college so I noticed that my brother hasn’t showered in two weeks!" they said.

"A couple days ago, I was washing his sheets and EVERYTHING smelled sooo bad! The pillows, sheets, mattress. I washed them and asked him to put the sheets back on, he didn’t and slept on the bare mattress. He has ruined the pillows with his funk. His B.O. has soaked into them it seems like. I’m so afraid he is going to ruin the mattress with his smells even through the sheet," the person shared.

They acknowledge the fact that they could buy a new mattress, but that they are flustered that the brother won't shower and asked if they would be in the wrong for kicking him out because of his smell.

The person in the comments section shared that they should kick the brother out now.

"You have several reasons to kick him out - and NEVER let him stay there again, at least until he has proven to turn his life around and be responsible," another user commented on the post.

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