Does this happen to you as it does to me? I think I'm emotionally resilient, knowing I deserve an Academy Award for acting like everything is okay, waiting until I'm alone to break down.

According to CNBC, Harvard-trained Dr. Cortney Warren says it takes effort, practice, and mental strength. So use at least one of these nine phrases deliberately every single day to ensure improvement in you're emotional resilience.

How many do you use daily?

"I can get through this or I will survive this."  I've said these phrases or versions, but it's not a daily thing for me.

"I'm not going to be a victim" or "Even though I'm a victim in this situation, I won't let it define me or ruin me."  Yup, been here but most definitely not a daily mantra or way of life.

"Life is hard" or "I don't always like how things play out, but it's part of the journey."  Ha!  Okay, this one I do say at least a couple of times each week.

"This too shall pass" or "Each day is one step closer to being better."  Again, not a daily statement, but who hasn't said this, right?

"What can I learn from this" or "How can I use this experience to improve?"  Oh, this is a good one.  Not daily, but often, even with positive experiences, I've said this.

"I need some time" or "I'm going to take a moment."  Once again, another powerful phrase I've used for personal, often big decisions or with others.  Not daily, though.

"I still have things to be grateful for" or "There's a lot of good in my life, too."  Who hasn't been here and used this statement to turn negativity into positivity in life?  Daily though, I'm not sure I have.

"It is what it is" or "I have to see things for how they are, and this is reality right now."  Okay, this one I just may say just about every day, even for trivial moments.  Although being in New England, we're so used to this as part of Patriots' coach Bill Belichick's philosophy.

"Just let it go" or "Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting, but I'm moving on."  This is one of the toughest ones because just letting go isn't easy, but I've said this.

These phrases allow us to focus on what we can control at the moment. How'd you do? Are you ready to interchange these as daily mantras?

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