Eminem's daughter, Hailie Jade Scott, is newly engaged, and she and her fiancé, Evan McClintock, are sharing the details of their engagement via her podcast, Just a Little Shady.

In the latest episode, Hailie featured her fiancé as a guest host, and he revealed what went down leading up to the proposal, including how he asked Eminem for his blessing to marry Hailie.

"It's been a long time. We really started officially dating in college. So you went through the whole thing, you went through the whole process, you asked for permission..." Hailie said.

"It was over the holidays," McClintock revealed. "I was looking for an opportunity not to make it too obvious."

He continued, "I saw your dad go downstairs. I'm like, 'Alright, I gotta do it right now, or I'm not doing it today, and I'll have to schedule some other time.' So I just followed him downstairs, and thankfully, he was just down there grabbing your [birthday] cake, and I made it happen."

"I had no clue," Hailie chimed in.

Clearly, it all went well, because Hailie shared the news via Instagram on Feb. 6, including photos of the big moment.

"casual weekend recap…" she captioned the post.

The couple also revealed that Hailie's older sister, Alaina, who is also engaged, approved the ring.

"Your sister really helped me out, she basically told me what for sure not to get, but she pointed me in the right direction, ultimately," McClintock shared.

He added that at a family gathering, Hailie expressed not knowing what she wanted her ring to look like, so he had to put all his trust in her sister's opinion.

"Your sister was so sure that she knew what you wanted," he said.

The couple also recapped the story of the proposal at a Detroit restaurant, and Hailie recalled, "All I could say was the F-word."

"Her reaction was making me black out," McClintock joked.

The pair started dating in 2016.

Watch the podcast episode, below:

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