A woman on Reddit says her boyfriend, who she lives with, doesn't like that she stays out until "4-5AM" with her friends while he sleeps.

Her boyfriend, who goes to work early in the morning, usually goes to bed around 10PM while she heads out to party and hang out with her friends, who are "both guys and girls."

"My friend group recently started to frequently invite me out for supper, karaoke, and just to hang out past midnight. I enjoy the times we go out late just to hang out together," she explained on Reddit.

Since she and her friends are "all busy with stuff" during the daytime, going out at night just "hits different."

The woman added she usually returns home "around 4-5AM," which infuriates her boyfriend and has strained their relationship.

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Reactions in the comments section were mixed.

"Yeah, I’ve been with someone like that and absolutely nothing 'good' happens after midnight. If you want a serious partner that takes you seriously, go home. If not, just stay out with your friends," one person wrote.

"You are not the a--hole for wanting to live your life as you please but it would be a deal-breaker for me not to spend the nights together. Going out occasionally is fine but based on your post it seems more like a habit. By the way, when do you sleep/work?" another commented.

"[Not the a--hole] for doing what you want and what makes you happy. But if you're expecting your boyfriend to be OK with you being out until 4-5AM on a regular basis ... you'll lose him very quickly," someone else chimed in.

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