It's not the fist time someone has hit this stonewall in Westport (and probably won't be the last!) but if it were you, would you apologize?


I came home yesterday to multiple police cars in my driveway after a woman had essentially parked her car on top of my stone wall. Thankfully, the driver was unharmed and the worst of the damage was to her car and my wall. After talking to officers, I hung outside for a while they pulled her car off the wall and stood within 10 feet of the driver, who was waiting for a ride, the whole time. I didn't realize until after everything was cleared that she had never come over to me to apologize or to say anything at all.

After a few people asked me if she had spoken to me, I started to wonder if there is some kind of accident etiquette for this kind of thing. I've heard that when you get in an accident, particularly with another car, you should never apologize to the other driver as that makes it seem like you know you're at fault. But in this case, no one was harmed, the stone wall can easily repaired and this clearly was a case where the driver was at fault. I'd like to think that if I drove into someone's property, I would at least go over to them and say, "Hey man, so sorry about your wall."

What do you think? Is there be some kind of accident etiquette or was she in the clear to not say anything at all?*

*Side note - it's cool with me that she didn't say anything, I'm just glad everyone was alright.