All you healthy people out there, you might be in for a shock with this news. Though it may seem like a nice healthy option, sushi might actually be making you fat!

That is correct. According to a new report your healthy sushi alternative might not be so good after all. They go as far to say that supermarket sushi is along the same bad as fast food. Can you believe it?

The study found that a simple California roll can have as much calories as a Big mac from McDonald's. So why is that exactly? Blame it on the rice! Because the rice is mixed with sugar based vinegar, it ends up being the same caloric in-take as eating four pieces of bread.

Plus, add in that fat content of the avocado, and the sodium that soy sauce has, you would be better off with a burger and fries. For more information on why sushi is making you fat, check out this article.