Believe the hype.

Earlier this week, we told you about how both Acushnet Creamery and New Bedford's Dairy Maid were now carrying edible cookie dough for their customers.

Our first thought was, "Wait, so you mean all the times we've eaten cookie dough before, it wasn't edible?" And as it turns out, we really shouldn't have been eating it. Salmonella, for example, is a very real concern when ingesting raw egg.

But the edible cookie dough eliminates any worry and just gives you doughy, chocolate-y goodness.

Kate and Donna from Acushnet Creamery dropped off some edible cookie dough for us to sample, and gave us the "scoop" on what makes it edible compared to the stuff you may have purchased in the grocery store.

Then, we grabbed a few folks that were in our building (hey, it's not our fault that Abby, Gazelle and Michael Rock all had to be somewhere else) and put it to a taste test. Was it as amazing as we'd hoped it would be?

Let's just say there weren't any leftovers in the office fridge.

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