It has been nearly 78 years since Amelia Earhart took her last flight in an attempt to circumnavigate the globe. Not a single soul has seen Earhart or her plane since July 2, 1937 and a group of investigators are trying to change that.

The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery, also known as TIGHAR, has decided to set out on another search for the remains of Earhart's plane. On June 8, a 14-person team will set off from Fiji on a  $500,000 Niku VIII expedition. It will take the team 5 days to get to the Island, where they will spend two weeks searching for signs of man-made objects the Earhart may have used to survive.

Off-shore, the team will send a ROV that is capable of going 1000 feet into the depths of the ocean for a search for the planes remains. They are also sending 5 SCUBA divers into the water to scope out the shallower areas.

The investigation comes after years of analyzing 1937 arial photos of the island. The photo is said to show an object that appears to be landing gear from Earhart's plane. There are also reports of man-made objects being found on the island that could also be linked to Earhart's flight.

This is the third investigation by of this kind by TIGHAR, and hopefully the investigators are able to find the remains of Earhart and her air craft.

Contributor: Mariah Terry