So what seemed to be a very normal Tuesday, turned into a fantastic over the top Tuesday! Last Friday night (thank you Katy Perry) I leave the station on my way to meet a beautiful woman for dinner (and when i say beautiful, I mean wow - smart, kind, just the whole package, to the point where I was nervous, which takes a lot to do being on the radio everyday, ya know?) So I stop for gas, fill up and grab a 5 dollar scratch ticket, not thinking too much of it because I never win and If I do, its like 5 bucks or 10.

I don't scratch it right away..just held on to it. About halfway through the date, were driving in the car and I grab the ticket and hand it to her, and tell her that she would be good luck if she scratches it. So she does, and to our surprise we won the five dollars I spent on it back. No biggie, but cool enough.

I have the ticket until today, when before my show, I stop in to a store up the road from the station, and go to turn the ticket in. The cashier says " Nice, 500 bucks isn't bad.." Standing there with my jaw on the floor,  I reach for the ticket just to make sure, and sure enough my date and I had failed to notice "HUN" under the 500, and If she did, she didn't tell me.

I grab my phone and call her to see if she noticed but didn't tell me. The call went right to voice mail, so I leave a message saying something along the lines of  "Hey, umm that ticket you scratched wasn't 5 bucks it was 500 and I owe you some money or I'm gonna do something nice for you." I am a gentleman, after all.