At some point or another, you'll see a zombie bride (or an ex-wife) costume while you're out and about on Halloween Night. But with weddings becoming more creative than ever, that bride you see may be an actual bride.

Did you know that some Halloween super-fans actually take their zombie bride to the next level by having full-blown Halloween themed weddings?!   Here's a few key ingredients for making your wedding extra creepy.

1.  The Ouija Board Invites or Save the Date cards:

2.  Ring boxes... er, coffins.  Till death do you part, right?

3.  A Blood Fondu Fountain

4.  A terrifyingly beautiful tiered cake


5.  Lastly, one must wear a long black dress. Double points for the skeleton detail!


If you're not sure where to start your planning, check out our Bridal Show on January 25th.