Hard to believe that Christmas is only 4 months away!  Pretty soon we will see the decorations up in stores and be bombarded with holiday ads. 

One of the "must have" gifts this year for kids is the Apple Ipad. Experts say that toys that connect to iPads are going to be popular too.  There are remote control helicopters and robots to toy cars that can be driven on the iPad's screens! The toys cost up to $70 each!

Another toy that is expected to be hot this Christmas is the Furby!  Yes the Furby is making a resurgence, the Furby has been updated and has a new look.  The Furby is still cute, (for the first 5 minutes) it looks like a furry gremlin crossed with a Smurf, and will have the kids driving parents crazy trying to find one for them!  I remember my first go round with the Furby, the kids loved it but when the new puppy found it, well, that was the end of that!

So if you are a parent and happen to be shopping here is some advice grab one now!  I'm sure come Black Friday you won't be able to find one anywhere!