It's one of my very favorite things to do here at Fun 107. We stopped in at the Hayden-McFadden School in New Bedford this afternoon with our friends from Bank 5. We were there to visit Mrs. Janet Ferreira. After receiving this email from a mother of one of her students, Fun 107 and Bank 5 decided to name Ms. Ferreira as Teacher of the Month. We surprised her in school today.

My son has a severe case of ADHD and Mrs. Ferreira has been so great and patient with him. She always goes over the top to help him and make sure that he stays focused. She goes out of her way to make sure he is ok and see how he’s doing. She takes time out of her own day to stay after school (not only with him but with any other student that needs an extra helping hand).

She has been a great support for me as a parent and words could not describe what a great person and teacher she is. If anybody deserves to be nominated as Fun 107's Teacher of the Month, it is Mrs.Ferreira, 2nd grade teacher at the Hayden Mcfadden school for her exceptional work as a teacher.

The children enjoyed a Domino's Pizza party, followed by dessert from Emma Jean's Cupcake Factory Ice Cream Shoppe and Candy House. Mrs. Ferreira was awarded with flowers from Treeland, a plaque from Dartmouth Gifts and Engraving, and gift cards to the Ruby Room and A & A Jewelers.  Congratulations to Mrs. Ferreira!