"He high as a mother-f%#&*r".... These are the words from the mouth of 50 Cent a.k.a. Curtis Jackson towards a young man with Autism.

From rags to riches to rags, Jackson hit an all time low. This time it's got nothing to do with money, but his Character.

Now, before I go off on the washed-up rapper, here's what went down:

According to Page Six, 19 year old Andrew Farrell was an employee at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport where he was working at the time Jackson verbally mocked him. Farrell has social anxiety due to his condition, leaving him defenseless against Jackson's comments that accused him of being high on drugs, just because of the way he looked.

Now for my Two-Cents:

Growing up, I was Bullied. I was physically and mentally bullied and I was too afraid to fight back. I was beat up and knocked down, yelled at and name called; I remember everything.


Although it made me stronger today and the teasing is in the past, I still recall the taunting about how skinny I was and the lack of muscle compared to most of my other peers. I was tall, scrawny and hunched over from Scoliosis due to the fact that I grew too quickly. Yes, I was different, but that's no excuse to be attacked.

Just like Farrell, I was judged by my appearance. Jackson claimed that Farrell "appeared" high, but it was simply his condition. The point is that no matter how noticeably different someone may look, all comments, gestures and actions should be kept to one's self.

Farrell called into the B-105 Mornings/The Big Dave Show stating this,

"Don't Bully people, it's not the right thing to do. If you're going to pick on one, pick on your own size and don't pick on people who have disability issues. It's not right."-Farrell

Eventually, Jackson apologized to Farrell and to his family and removed the video from his instagram where he had shamelessly posted it in the first place.

I am no where near as popular or large (metaphorically speaking) as 50 Cent and that doesn't matter one bit. I'm still a public figure and with that job title comes responsibility and common sense. Yes, I get angry. Yes, I disagree on other's views, but never would I speak out on it, that's the basis of individuality. Nobody is perfect and I personally, I am far from it.

Regardless of who you are or who you talk to, respect everyone and be sensitive before judging someone.... You don't know their struggle. After all, we are all made differently, not one person is better than the other.