Kaitlin Pearson, the 23-year-old teacher's aide from Fitchburg, who was placed on paid administrative leave earlier this month has received the okay to return to the classroom. She came under fire when someone anonymously sent racy modeling photos of her to the school .

Superintendent, Andre Ravenelle, said they placed Pearson on paid administrative leave to ensure student safety and to make sure there was nothing else behind the photos.

Parents were not pleased with her afters hours job but one parent who spoke with CBS Boston did say, “She probably leaves work at work and her modeling career separate from her teaching career.”

Pearson's father spoke to WBZ-TV on his daughter's behalf saying, "She is elated to get back to her students."

Last week many of our listeners voiced their opinion on our poll and a whopping 83% agreed she should not be punished for what she does outside of the classroom.


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