A television producer from Los Angeles, who is working on a hit show for a major network will be in the New Bedford area this weekend.   They are looking for home and property owners who might be interested in being on TV, making from 5 to 8 hundred dollars in cash, and having some fun as well.    The name of the show, and the network are not yet being disclosed, but I am told that New Bedford has been chosen as a location for some digging for yet undiscovered artifacts.

They are especially looking for Cape Cod and Nantucket style homes.  If you would like to open your property to the show's host and experts for some digging, they would love to hear from you.  They also promise to leave your property just as they found it.   I'm in on this one.

If you want to be as well, send your contact info and pictures of your property to Sally Bricker at Feeding Time Productions.  Her email address is bricker79@gmail.com   Her office number is (310) 645-1499.   But hurry, the producer will be in town this weekend.   See you on TV.