One of the heroes from yesterday's fire on Sconticut Neck Road shared his story on the Rock and Fox Show this morning. Tony Cogswell told us that he was on his way to drop off his son at the Hastings Middle School when he saw people standing outside of Jackson's Variety Store, black smoke rising to the sky and flames ravaging in the apartment above the store.

"Without those two guys, this is a different story." --Tony Cogswell, Fairhaven


As he started getting closer, he realized that there was no ambulance, no firefighters, or any first responders at the scene yet.

"Is anyone in the building?" Cogswell asked the crowd outside. He says he got mixed answers with uncertainty.

"Is anyone inside?" Cogswell asked again with more urgency. Again, uncertainty circulated among the crowd.

That's when Cogswell made the snap decision to run up the back stairs to see if he could find anyone.

"It was just a wall of flames," said Cogswell. "I was yelling inside, 'Is there anybody in there?  Anybody in there?' I looked back, there was another gentleman with me, I think it was Dr. David Fall. We ran back out and asked again, 'Is there anybody in there, we can't find anybody.' And I heard people from the side of the house. So we ran to the side and that's when two other gentlemen found the older man and they were dragging him down the stairs. Without those two guys, this is a different story."

You can hear Tony's full interview with the Rock and Fox Show here:

Officials say the fire appears to have been accidental.

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